Welcome to Purified Credit! Purified Credit is not your typical credit repair service! Unlike OTHER credit repair companies, we only want you to pay for results. We’re certified Professionals in Credit . We have the tools and services you need to get the job done.

At Purified Credit, we understand that good credit is a lifestyle change. It is our goal to help our clients achieve the financial freedom – the freedom to be who you really are and do what you really want in life. We provide financial and credit education to those who need help, in a manner that is most helpful to them.Credit repair is complicated, but we are here to provide the answers for you.


We are credit repair professionals, who can counsel you and improve your credit score by finding and disputing errors on your credit report. We will teach you to improve your credit score and help keep your credit record clean. Some of the items we can dispute are listed below:

  • Identity theft
  • Foreclosures
  • Collections
  • Short Sales
  • Bankruptcies
  • Late Payments
  • Repossessions
  • Tax Liens

Our team of credit professionals is always ready to help with any of your credit file issues. We make every effort to achieve a strong and lasting relationship with our clients! We do not charge until a service is rendered and have delivered results in deleting and removing the negative items in your credit report. View our FAQs for more details about Purified Credit’s repair services.


We have successfully helped clients in every walk of life achieve better credit scores so no matter where your credit is at we have the tools to help maximize your credit standing without the headache of the dispute process. Here are just some of the many reasons to use our service:

  • Innovative, state of the art software, which gives us the ability to track and monitor your complete credit profile.
  • We do personalize dispute letters instead the industry standard form letter which Equifax, Experian and TransUnion automated systems can deny.
  • We are partners with the number one processing team for credit repair in the nation to provide you with a tailored credit dispute solution.
  • You only pay if we perform. You pay for results not promises.
  • We do ethical and legal credit repair.

We work directly for you providing education and disputing the incorrect credit items on your credit report. The dispute is to the credit bureaus on your behalf saving you time and frustrations.

Once your credit is fixed this will allow you to: buy a new home, get credit cards, purchase a car, lower your insurance rates, or get the job you have always wanted!