Lessons To Learn When It Comes To Credit

There is a reason why some people have a perfect or near-perfect credit score. They have taken the necessary steps to fix the errors they might have made along the way. Point of inquiry: A good credit score does not just impact your financial state. It can also impact everything else in your life, including loans and finding a job.

The List of Examples On How You Can Improve Your Credit

1) You should check your credit scores regularly, especially considering the data breach that Experian went through in 2017. Every move you make shows on your report. This is similar to auditing, except you are the one doing it. Something weird might show, which will impact everything else.

You need to protect your identity. I had something happen with mine where someone tried to hack my account. One small hack can create a lifetime of issues. I had to put safety measures in place to make sure that it did not happen again, including updated security.

2) There could be a mistake, which was made a few years back, that is still causing a problem. You can go from a 750 score to a 640 score overnight. Did that already happen to you? You should consider calling the lender to ask about the mistake. Find out what the problem is and fix it. Your score will go back to normal, but you have to deal with the problems as they happen. Accounting firms do that all the time with their clients.

3) You should keep an eye on your financial and business relationships. This is where good money management skills come in handy. Every business relationship will have an impact on your credit score. That is why you should look to certified resume writers to make sure you only hire the best of the best.

FYI: One way to ensure you hire the right people is to Google some accounting cover letter examples or finance cover letter templates.
That way you know what you are looking for during the hiring process. This professional resource will provide you with many useful examples for better understanding of what you are looking for.
One bad move during the hiring process will cause your credit score credibility to take a nosedive.

accounting cover letter examples

4) What about your old accounts? Do you have any that are older than 5-10 years? That will hurt your credit, especially when the client has not taken the initiative to pay. Make sure almost everything is paid in full each month. Do you have one to two accounts open? Find out why and try to fix the problem.

5)What is your debt hierarchy? Remember, not every debt is the same. Two examples of good debt are loans and mortgages, both business and personal. Keeping those lines open and in good standing will allow you to extend your business when you need the money.

Educate yourself on what debt is going to be both beneficial and non-beneficial. Sometimes a company cannot extend their lifeline due to their other business enterprises being maxed out. That will also impact your credit score.

One Final Note

Do you have any savings set aside for a rainy day? I am talking about both business and personal. A nest egg will come in handy in case you do get over-extended on a business loan. Most lenders do not like to have to bail out their customers.

Do you live beyond your means, both in business and personally? That will impact on everything in your life, your credit card balance says a lot about you.

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