personal credit

Simple and Easy Process

We save you time by showing you a step by step process on how to maximize your credit scores on a monthly basis and by battling incorrect or negative items on a credit report. Our process involves creating customized letters on your behalf to the credit bureaus.

We use the ETHICAL and LEGAL approach to helping fix your credit. We are under, and follow the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the CROA Consumer Protection Act to make everything we do compliant.

We have them prove your credit information to us and we have a 70% success rate for removing or updating incorrect, unverifiable items. Do you want to do all the grunt work and have the headache of disputing your credit report with the bureaus? Or would you prefer to have a professional do it more efficiently and with a higher success rate. We take these negative marks out of the equation to get the financing you need. To enable you to get that home you always wanted or that new car with a great interest rate.

Step 1: Obtain a copy for your credit report. We use they offer your credit score for one dollar for a 7 day trail period. We require that you keep your subscription for at least 3 months to enable us to monitor your credit and consult you on how to keep increasing your score.

Step 2: We do a free credit report review to assess the situation. This is the initial check of the credit report and this allows us to see if we can help.

Step 3: Full Audit: we do it line by line analysis and notation of how we can improve your score and how we can dispute the negative and incorrect items. We target the accounts to dispute for being inaccurate or unverifiable. We also provide education on how to maximize the credit score on a monthly bases.

Step 4: We handle the complete credit dispute process and we monitor how your scores are impacted every step of the way. WE come up with a game plan and we create customized dispute letters on your behalf. Theses letters are sent to the Credit Bureaus and they have 30 days to respond.

Step 5: We monitor your credit on a monthly bases making sure you are doing everything necessary to maximize your credit scores. Every 30 days you will receive a follow up coaching session.

Step 6: Once we get the negative items removed and have your credit score fixed we provide access to the people you need to contact for new purchases.